Should I book a flight right now?


As lockdown restrictions begin to lift in not just the UK, but in countries across Europe in the world, the summer holiday is starting to work its way to the forefront of our minds as we look for a light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel. But, with plenty of obstacles still in the way, there are plenty of things to consider before sticking your card details into the page on that budget flight website.

Check local restrictions

Yes, it may be tempting to spend £100 to get somewhere sunny right now, but check that you aren't going to be forced to spend 14 precious days of holiday cooped up in the hotel. Many countries are enforcing strict quarantines, so for some destinations, you may as well stay at home. Check the UK government travel advice page for your territory, or visit the particular country's own website for the details.

Look at the T&Cs

Just because infection rates are dropping doesn't mean we're safe from another lockdown. If you are thinking about booking flights, don't forget to read the terms and conditions (yes, that smallprint that no one ever reads) when you book to ensure you'll get a refund if your flight is cancelled. Airlines are currently in disarray in terms of refunds for the current round of Covid-19 cancellations, so don't get caught out again. Consider paying extra for an immediate refund option if it's available.

Don't rush

If your aim is to get the cheapest deal possible, then you don't need to panic about flight prices suddenly shooting up. The lack of consumer confidence and lack of willingness to share a confined space with other members of the public means flights prices will need to be very attractive to get people onto planes, so you've got time yet.

Don't forget those vouchers

If you had to cancel flights due to Covid-19, then you may have chosen to accept travel vouchers in place of a refund. Some of these vouchers have an expiration date, so use them now! Remember, the terms and conditions for a re-booked flight may be different to those of the original, so again, check the smallprint before going any further.

Holiday at home

Although it isn't possible right now, hotels, campsites and AirBnB locations across the UK will likely be open for business again soon. Bookings are being taken in some cases, but be careful not to rush ahead of government advice and book before all restrictions are lifted.

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Where are the best flight deals?

Everywhere! Kayak, Skyscanner, Lastminute and all the usual suspects are offering some really cheap deals right now, especially on long-haul routes, and naturally Ryanair and Easyjet are expecting to open up many European routes over the summer, but even their flights into 2021 are at decent prices.