Around the world in 80 beers: #1 Heineken, Amsterdam

When Gerard Adriaan Heineken convinced his mother to buy him a brewery in 1864, he was already inheriting a brand that had been popular since the late 1500s - so no pressure. What started off as a dream ended up becoming one of Europe's most successful lager beers and to this day is a globally recognised beer brand that can be bought in over 170 countries.

Classified as a pale lager, Heineken is a crisp, flavourful lager that can be quite bitter, especially if you're drinking the proper stuff that is still brewed in Zoeterwoude, near Leiden. It isn't a complete game changer, but it's a reliable lager that goes down smoothly every time.

Although no brewing takes place at the Heineken Experience, there are still daily tours that are popular with tourists, including the opportunity to taste the beer itself. However, there's nothing better than finding a pub or bar in the centre of Amsterdam and ordering a bottle with the red star on the side - we honestly thinks it tastes better if you're within sight of a canal.

Rating: 8/10